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What We Do

Rikkei Capital is a firm that invests in blockchain technology and crypto assets. We fund game-changing ideas that move us closer to a future of blockchain-enabled socioeconomic revolution.

Meet The Team
Our vision

Rikkei Capital is aimed towards cryptocurrency enthusiasts such as us. We think that crypto natives are the engine of innovation, and that what they create will spread to the mainstream through cross-pollination with other areas. Many years of expertise have helped us to get a thorough understanding of this market. Successful investment selections served as a springboard for taking things a step further. Why not share this experience with others, we reasoned one day.

The concept of Rikkei Capital emerged around the beginning of 2021. The Rikkei Capital team is ready to support the founders in implementing their ideas and facilitating the acceptance of their products both inside and outside the crypto ecosystem.

Our Team
Tung Ta
Managing Director
Dung Phan
Managing Director
Linh Nguyen
Hoa Dang
Anne Chu
Thi Truong
Chung Dao

Rikkei Capital sees a future in which the internet is more open, fair, and intelligent, the economy is more trustless and frictionless, and people's ways of organizing and making collective choices are more flexible. We encourage ideas and innovations that move our society closer to that goal.

We market ourselves as dedicated first-check investors focusing on people. What can be found in projects we invested in is that they all have a team with strong technical, research and operational competency as well as a clear business mindset.

2-step decision process
Step 1
We invest in what we like to call 'two people and a powerpoint' stage and our decisions are based on the following:
1. Quality of the team: This is our most important criterion. We are not looking for experienced entrepreneurs. But we certainly look for understanding of the domain, understanding of business concepts & operations management, and most certainly commitment to the venture.
2. Clarity of the concept/idea: How well has the team been able to articulate what they want to do. You cannot pan well what you cannot communicate well.
3. Size of the potential: Concepts addressing large markets with large potential are obviously better.
Step 2
If the above three are positive, then the following few areas would be discussed:
1. Scale of aspiration of the team: Does the team have the aspiration and hunger to be a market leader?
2. Business case: Is the business case strong enough - remember, when pitching to an investor you are competing not just with direct competition from your domain but also with startups with interesting business plans.
3. Exit potential: How are we going to get a good return on our investment. I.e. what is the exit option for us.
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